“All the times I have ordered products from here they have always been amazing!! The first time I tried the soap, it by far exceeded what I thought it was going to be. Each bar is very nourishing, creamy and lathers well.


The lotion is also very creamy and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and oily which is always a plus!! I absolutely love the lip balm as it goes on smooth and is very moisturizing! The hand cream is one of my favorites because my hands are very cracked and dry and the hand cream does more then any store brand does. It heals and moisturizers!!


I absolutely love everything I've tried and they're are so many scents of everything it makes buying them fun and it's always good when there's a lot of variety! With all the harsh and bad chemicals in everything in stores, I love knowing I have a place where I can get products that are all natural with most ingredients taken from right off the farm!! Love!!


– Tara L., New York

“Happy Lather soap is a product that truly lives up to it's name! Each soap, whether a calming or invigorating scent, works into a rich lather that leaves my skin wonderfully clean & soft. The Therapy soap has helped my face clear up from blemishes - without drying it out! The lotions moisturize & absorb without feeling greasy. Plus, it is great to be able to recognize each ingredient on the label & not be putting chemicals onto my skin!”


– Diane V.  AB, Canada

We think Happy Lather Soap is the best sensitive skin soap available. The invigorating scent and formulas make you…well, they just make you happy! But don't just take our word for it – read what others have said about our products and then try them for yourself:

“I purchased some hand cream for my daughter at the farmers market in Jacksonville and it has worked miracles for her. It is the only thing that helps her hands from peeling and cracking... even the doctors prescription doesn't work.” Thank you.


–Donna, Hawaii

"My partner loves this product and I don't mind massaging his feet after a long day at work as it smells so wonderful!"


– Thomas S., California

Nothing I tried on my skin helped. I really was ready to just give up. I had even bought face cream from Dr. Oz that didn't help. Then I came along Happy Lather Soap Company and now my skin is healthy and perfect ! I LOVE IT!


–Lydia G., Central Point, Oregon

“Happy Lather Soap Company creates fine farmstead goats milk, honey and beeswax skin products including soaps, lotions and lip balm in Grants Pass, Oregon. The ingredients are pure and simple and the products are made with passion. I was first fascinated with the light and balanced fragrances. Then captivated by how well my skin responded while using the soaps, oatmeal and honey lotion and both the Tea Tree & Peppermint and the Vanilla beeswax lip balm. I am choosy about skin care products, and my skin is finicky. I quickly discovered my skin and lips responded very well to Happy Lather Soap Company’s products. I commute on my bicycle and my skin and lips struggled with the elements. Cracks on my finger tips and around my nails disappeared using Therapy lotion, using the balms I found myself not biting my lips as they were no longer chapped, and the Oatmeal & Honey lotion replaced a designer eco-lotion I have used for years. I am as thrilled as my skin as with the discovery of Happy Lather Soap Company.”


– David G., Ashland, Oregon

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