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I have long admired artisans of many varieties. The creativity, skill, and dedication to producing a quality product always gets my attention. When I would meander through farmer’s markets or craft fairs, I was always drawn to products that promoted wellness, and more often that not, those products were artisan soaps and skin care products. Being a long time goat owner and enthusiast, I was naturally most intrigued by soaps that incorporated goat milk.


Along the way I was most fortunate to meet a soap artisan and wonderful spirit, Louise Psarras. Louise would often purchase my goat milk to use in her one variety of soap, and then one day she announced that she was holding a two part course in soap making, and that I should come and learn for the fun of it. So I did!


I discovered the simple, yet complex beauty of creating soap that is made in small batches, by hand. I was hooked! I commenced to thoroughly research the properties of different oils, additives, extracts, and the like, eager to craft the most beneficial, skin nurturing, cleansing, natural soap I could. Through experimentation, trial and error, and the guiding hand of my friend and mentor Louise, I feel I have been successful in creating the rich, purposeful soaps I intended to, which I am now happy, and proud, to share with you.


I made the choice to use only essential oils to scent the soaps I make because I have long used and been a firm advocate of aromatherapy and the healing, rejuvenating, and often stimulating properties of essential oils. I also figured, why put a fake product, such as a synthetic fragrance oil, into such a wonderfully natural product as homemade soap?!


I continue to make my soap in small, carefully crafted batches made with intention and attention. Making goat’s milk soap and skin care products enables me to marry two of my greatest passions: wellness and goats.


My little hobby that turned into Happy Lather Soap Company will continue to evolve, I hope, and I invite you, who is as concerned about the health and wellness of your skin as I am, to join me on this journey by enjoying and benefiting from all that Happy Lather Soap Company has to offer!

Rob’s Philosophy and how

Happy Lather

Soap Company began.

goat milk essential oils and formulas

Goat milk formulas provide many moisturizing and healthy benefits to your skin.


Our natural goat milk soaps and lotions are very beneficial for all skin types including dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.


More Benefits:


Delays signs of skin aging


Not a chemical counterfeit


Anti-inflammatory properties


Loaded with essentials

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Nurture Your Skin, Naturally!

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